Zsolt and Ebu’s Successfully Passed the Exam

Another dream came true. Zsolt and his guide dog Ebu passed the traffic safety exam in Székesfehérvár. On the big day they were both very excited, but they did very well. Zsolt pulled the second route: they had to get to work from home safely and independently. First, they headed for the bus stop to get to their destination with the well-known bus, but the bus didn’t stop at the usual place bus stop. The team didn’t panic from this unexpected situation, they continued on their way with joint efforts and without any errors. Then they accomplished the zebra crossing and light controlled intersections with complete confidence. At the end of the exam the examiners congratulated the team for their amazing and coordinated work.

Zsolt and Ebu are very happy together. Ebu helps Zsolt with amazing care and great love, who is very grateful for his beloved four-legged friend.

A képen egy férfit vezet fekete vakvezető kutyája az utcán.
Zsolt és Ebu