Zsófia Lengyel receives the Brave Women Award

We are delighted that Zsófia Lengyel has won the SuperWMN “Believe in yourself” award. She was accompanied on stage at Müpa Budapest by her guide dog Mokka. Zsófi works for equal opportunities in Székesfehérvár.

On Monday evening, Zsófia Lengyel received the WMN Magazine “Believe in yourself” award, based on votes from the public and the editorial team. From more than a thousand nominations, 12 ladies took the stage in four categories. She was one of the most courageous and talented ladies in her profession.

This award is so special to her

I was excited and really moved when the results were announced. This award for women is the crowning achievement of my work so far. It’s hard to find words, because I’ve been involved in a lot of things and done a lot of things in my 32 years. I have had memorable, uplifting moments as a sportswoman, model or civilian. But I have also had profound and difficult moments as a visually impaired person or as an abused woman

– said Zsófia Lengyel.

During her athletic career, Zsófi has participated in world triathlon competitions. She has been awarded the “At the forefront of learning – At the forefront of sport” award, Hungary’s “Good Student – Good Athlete” award. As a visually impaired person, he has done a lot for his fellow countrymen and has been awarded the Golden Cane and the Golden Bell. He is also proud of the Everyday Hero Award and the Golden Fork in Sport Award.

He is also well known as a guide dog owner

Zsófi got the first guide dog of her life from our foundation. Mokka and Zsófi go to work, play and do sports together, and we think they make a very good team.
They live in the city centre of Székesfehér, they love the parks and dog runs of the city and have made many four-legged friends over the years.

A I moved to Székesfehérvár because of sport and I am very happy with this decision. I am an equal opportunities officer in the city council and I will soon open a community space where equal opportunities will be the main focus – said Zsófi.