Zoltán and His Guide Dog Fecske Passed the Exam

Fecske, the charming Labrador, winded his way into Zoltán Nagy’s heart when they first met. Since then, over the months of a lot of common learning and practice, incredible consistency and trust has developed between them. This affectionate relationship and the lots of work played its parts: they perfectly accomplished the traffic safety exam in Mezőkövesd. Their route led from their home to the Mayor’s Office and back.

In the picture there is a visually impaired man walking on the street with his guide dog, a black Labrador.
Nagy Zoltán and his guide dog Fecske

Along the way, neither the cars speeding next to the narrow sidewalk, nor the overhanging branches and the dogs barking behind the fences could disturb the team. They accomplished the nearly one-hour route with their usual precision and discipline. All three members of the exam board considered their exam to be excellent and congratulated them on their fantastic performance.

We’d like to thank Fecske’s volunteer puppy-raiser family, Imola Fejér, Sándor Mihaji and their family for bringing up Fecske and providing him a happy puppyhood, thereby contributing to this great erformance.