Zoltán and Fanni Passed the Exam

This week started well. Zoltan and his guide dog, Fanni has been preparing for this day since December. The team proved to a three-member examining board that they are capable of travelling on their own. To obtain this certification, they had to take a 45-minute exam route that led through downtown Miskolc. They solved the different exam situations confidently. They travelled both by bus and tram, which was not difficult for them, as it has become a daily routine-task due to the practices, just like crossing an intersection Neither a barking dog, nor an encounter with friends could put the confident team off. Fanni has become a real help for Zoltan, who thanked his dog for her great work with lots of strokes and some delicious treats.

In the picture there is a visually impaired man squatting. His guide dog, a black Labrador is sitting beside him giving her owner a kiss on the face.
Zoltán and Fanni