Zoltán Vida and Rizling, living in Miskolc, are over of a very difficult exam

Zoltán needed a lovely, kind and enthusiastic guide-dog for blind exactly such as Rizling.
It turned out at the very beginning that Rizling is immovable from the side his owner, he would never leave him alone.
For the exam, Zoli drew the route from his home to the Centre of our Foundation. They had to get on the tram and the bus in the huge crowd before holidays. It happened that they had to deal with passengers behaving like volunteer policeman, luckily Zoli had many previous experience in situations like that.
Emese Királyné Barkóczi, the trainer of Rizling evaluated the exam:

It is always a great responsibility when I deliver a guide-dog, as I know that a person
with visual impairment will lean on that dog I trained. This feeling of mine had multiplied
when we started our common practice with Zoli, as I was aware that my colleague Zoli
was over of a very difficult period of time after the death of his previous guide-dog,
Fanni. I wished he could give Rizling a chance to prove that Zoli can trust him as well,
and that Zoli would come to love him. Each dog has a different personality and I think
that Zoli really needed a such lovely, kind guide-dog who is enthusiastic for his work as

Thanks to Andrea Sápi and her family for raising Rizling for us.
Acknowledgement for the work in the examination committee to Mária Hajdú and András Szűcs, and to Piroska Komondi representing our Foundation and at last but not at least to Emese Királyné Barkóczi for training Rizling.
We wish Zoli and Rizling many happy years together.
The article about Fanni is in the link