Zoli and guide dog Oktav pass traffic safety test

Oktav is Zoli’s second guide dog. His previous guide dog retired earlier this summer, after long years of service and due to joint problems. Now the old dog lives happily as a family pet. Zoli really struggled throughout the two months period without a guide dog, so he instantly fell in love with Oktav, a gentle giant yellow Labrador who loves snuggles.

Oktav’s calm and gentle personality is a good match with Zoli’s, they made an instant bond and work together in harmony. This was obvious to see for everyone during the exam. The route chosen for the traffic safety test was full of distractions: a little girl offering up a croissant, loads of other dogs walking on and off the lead, people on scooters from all directions. But the dynamic duo kept on going! Oktav is big and strong enough to keep up with Zoli and help him maintain his balance, as Zoli has a slight physical disability as well.

Please allow us to congratulate them on passing the exam and wish them a long and happy life together! We would also like to thank Oktav’s  trainer, Monika Kobli and his puppy host family Edina Fazekas for providing Oktav with a home full of excitement and new experiences that enabled him to become such a wonderful guide dog.

We would also like to thank members of the examination board, Zsuzsi Renko, Viki Varga and Marcsi Kovacs Nyirine for their great work!