Year-end summary

More puppies, successfully passed exams, fantastic volunteers and a moving. We show you the most important events of the year.

Puppy raising

50 dogs participated in our puppy raising program in 2023. We held a puppy meeting every month so that the next generation could start the guide dog studies prepared and capably. The transfer of knowledge is very important to us, and we are happy that we have held puppy-raising training for the third time for future puppy raisers. We are still waiting for applications from those who are interested in raising puppies.

Working guide dogs

13 pairs passed their road safety exam this year. We have 95 actively working guide dogs and 3 personal assistance dogs. We congratulate to all of our pairs for the successfull road safety exam and we thank for the work of our puppy raisers and trainers.

We moved to a new office

The headquarters of our Foundation moved to a beautiful and sustainable new building in Miskolc. The moving went smoothly thanks to several people which helped with it.

We helped after an earthquake

Dr. Tamás Mezősi, the chairman of the board of trustees of our Foundation, and his dog, Trafi, helped with the rescue in Turkey after the earthquake.

We did sport

We participated at the Hard Dog Race (HDR) this year too. The members of the team were Annamari and Szikra, Alexa and Titan, Brigi and Artur, Szindi and Milka.

Three litters were born

Calgary gave birth to the beautiful puppies of litter B. Szellő gave birth to her first litter named C and Zina gave birth to the cute puppies of litter D. We are grateful that our volunteers and their families take care of our mother dogs with great love.

Social life

More than 200 volunteers help to our Foundation. We are very happy to it and we try to gather many common experiences together. We had our first picnic in Miskolc, took a small train ride, went on a hike and talked a lot. We conquered the Hármashatár mountain at the Pest picnic at the end of the summer: there were many of us and it had a very good atmosphere.

Successful result of 1% of the tax

We thank to the 11,000 people which have donated 1% of their taxes to our foundation, supporting our work with a total of HUF 92 million. We could only achieve this success together with you. Thank You!

New international membership

We became members of the Assistance Dogs International Organization so we can expand our international relations not only with guide dogs, but also with assistance dog organizations.


We held sensitization trainings all over the country, from Miskolc to Budapest, Diósd, Szerencs and Nagykanizsa this year. We took part in events such as the Night of Museums, Animal Love Day and Starpoint Reformed Youth Festival. We also went to some companies and sensitized for example bus and tram drivers, and ticket inspectors.

Call for volunteers!

We are looking for applicants for our puppy raising program!

We are waiting for applications from all over the country. The playful and active puppies spend a year with our volunteer puppy raisers. They are trained as guide dogs after this period, but the relationship is not broken.

Be an important part of a guide dog’s life!

We will hold an interesting training course where we will provide all important information on January 13th, 2024.

Please make a final decision about your application after reading our article on raising puppies:

Complete the application form, which you can also find in the above link.

Thank you for your interest!