Wonderful Companions made possible by Donations

28th November marks the International Day of Charitable Donations. The mark this day, we would like say thank you on behalf of our visual impaired members for providing them with freedom and independence in the shape of a guide dog.

“It feels really great to know that somebody” – donation made training Iram possible, said Ani.

Irisz added: “It feels like I can see through the eyes of my guide dog, Dolly. It feels wonderful to trust her with my life every day and she always manages to surprise me, which shows how amazingly clever she is. No matter what the obstacle is, she will guide me around it.”

Agota who lives with her retired guide dog and her new guide dog Oliver said:  “These wonderful dogs are magical creatures that improve your quality of life. It’s great that I was able to keep [my old guide dog] thanks to the support the guide dog charity.”

Dori added that her guide dog Noe gives her strength every day to tackle the difficulties. “It’s really important for me to have Noe by my side. He is very confident and happy to lead me. There are several routes around town where I wouldn't dare to go without my guide dog.”

Egy hölgy áll a járdán és mellette ül a sárga színű labrador vakvezető kutyája“I am really grateful to have Hablaty” – said Panka. “If I wake up feeling blue, I can always count on him to give me a cuddle and cheer me up.”

We are very grateful for all your donations!