With guide dogs on Hármashatár Hill

The second guide-dog-hike of the year on Hármashatár Hill was spent in really high spirits with a lot more people attending than expected. Fortunately the weather was kind to the hikers so everyone could enjoy the warm spring sunshine all through the day.

The morning of the second day of spring was all about the puppies-in-training. Felhő, Fidzsi, Fahéj, Fülöp, Flash and Frutti, the aspiring guide dog candidates began their day early with work at Batthyány Square as they need to start learning their profession from a very young age. They practiced climbing stairs, moving in heavy traffic, and getting on and off public transport vehicles. The dog trainers of our school have already started working with the puppies, even though the day of their all-decisive medical examination is still in the far future. Our future puppy-raisers joined this practice as well; they started to familiarize themselves with the tasks they will have to deal with.

In the picture there is a hiking crew with dogs in the beautiful spring weather.
The hiking crew


The little bus ride took the team into a different dimension. Pleasant spring, outstanding hiking conditions, Hármashatár Hill, over 50 participants with 30 dogs…. –the second trip of the year, organized by our guide dog teams, could begin.


The team relaxed sometimes
A small group of the hikers
In the picture the team is walking in the forest.
In the deep of the forest

Many old friends and folks met here, and the day was spent in a cheerful  mood.

The hikers arrived from several parts of the country: from Baja, Miskolc, Fót, and several districts of Budapest.  The guide dog teams were accompanied by their relatives and by enthusiastic volunteers. Of course, the trainers of our school were present, too. The whole team had a great time together in the spring forest.

Many people came from many places, a lot of them joined and met each other for the first time. Yet, no one felt like a stranger during the outing. How could they have, when there is a common cause that bonds all participants together. Some train dogs professionally. Some volunteers offer to raise a potential guide dog from a puppy. Some come to help, offering their time, and they come frequently, for example to take the dogs for a walk.  There are many volunteers among the guide dog teams as well; they can support each other, too. Many people from all walks of life, and they all believe that it is important to support and help visually impaired people, which they all do according to their ability and means.

If you would like to join this community, you are more than welcome!