When the Smallest Meet

As part of our puppy-raiser program we regularly have meetings for our pups, where they have a lot of new experiences and their raisers also get a lot of useful advice.

In the picture there are two yellow Labrador puppies sitting in guide dog harness.
Hack and Harley

Last time we met our five puppies-in-trining in Campona shopping mall: Hack, Havas, Houston, Harley and Hetti. This time we looked at how the pups relate to other dogs in the street and how fast they are able to calm down if they are not immediately let to go to them. Later, after some playing and climbing the outdoor steel grid stairs, we went into the shopping wall. We were challenging the pups and their raisers as well, because they had to manoeuvre in the weekend crowd.

In the picture Harley, a yellow Labrador puppy is in the arms of his puppy raiser watching an aquarium.
Harley is getting acquainted with some fish

We checked a variety of pavements, a glass-walled elevator, a revolving door, the birds and pets of a pet shop and went by its shelves with alluring fragrances. The pups and their raisers passed the test: they very cleverly overcame the challenges.