We use shoes to protect our guide dogs in the heat

“We would like to draw the attention of dog owners, who are actively get about with their dogs, to the dangers of hot concrete. If possible, it is advisable to give shoes to their dogs, because heated surfaces are dangerous, they burn the dog’s soles”- our foundation pointed out.

Specifically, the topic was raised by visually impaired individuals who received their guide dog from our foundation. Tamás Prepszl drew the attention of the guide dog community to the problem caused by hot concrete, and our foundation feels that due to the persistent heat alarm, his words are now important for all dog owners:

“When by the afternoon the heat is unbearable and the sun is shining all day, the sidewalks, roadways, tram tracks become extremely hot. I usually check this with my hands. I bend down, touch the concrete, and feel the terrible heat. If you can, be sure to give your dog a pair of shoes, because waiting at a junction controlled by traffic lights, for example, can cause very unpleasant minutes, especially if the dog’s sole burns. It’s bad for the dog, and it’s bad for you too” – said Tamás Prepszl, who gets about with Pixel every day in Budapest.

Using dog shoes also requires a routine

Also visually impaired owners should learn how to use dog shoes. For beginners it can take up to 8-10 minutes to put them on, which must be calculated into the departure time. “It takes a lot of patience and time, as well as delicious treats and a motivational walk” – says Antónia Kállai, the owner of Iram.

Nóra Varga, Dani’s owner, encouraged another guide dog owner, who is new to use dog shoes: “In the beginning, it will definitely cost more time, because you have no routine, and the situation is unusual for the dog as well. But as you become more skilled, it will go well and quickly. We’ve been wearing shoes for 9 years and we’re done in a minute and a half. Dani lays down and I put the shoes on him. It’s important to be well tied so the dog won’t lose them.”

Where to buy?

Dog shoes can be purchased at major pet supplies stores, or by ordering online. Its price is a couple of thousand forints.

And one more thing about dogs walking in shoes…

“Parfé also got shoes, but it was weird for him, he walked in them like he had high heels on. However, the concrete did not burn his paws” – said Attila Bodnár from Székesfehérvár. “If they walk in it more, they will get used to it and they will not even notice it” – added Szindi Horváth, Milka’s owner from Jászberény.

Guide dogs are very much taken care of by their owners

According to the experience of our foundation, visually impaired people with guide dogs lead a very active life, as the world opens up to them with the help of their dogs. Many of them work or study, and since their guide dogs help not only in daily transport, but they are also their owner’s companions, they are taken great care of. The result of this care is this alert, too.