We received a pre-Christmas gift from Winnipeg

Nine labrador puppies came into the world at dawn today in Miskolc. The mother dog and the puppies are well and healthy. Baráthegyi Guide Dog School started its breeding program 3 years ago, in order to provide more talented and suitable dogs for the guide dog school, as there are lots of visually impaired people which are waiting for a guide dog.

The fur of the 6 female and 3 male dogs is yellow, thanks to their parents, but there are differences in shades: there are darker and lighter too. The puppies were born with proper weight (between 41 and 53 dkg), Winnipeg gave birth to the puppies very quickly and without complications.

When we let Winnipeg out last evening, she hid in the bushes, started to dig, she was looking for her place. She was spinning around in the house and was concerned and we knew, that we have to be prepared, because the big day has come.

„Winnipeg is a restrained dog, she behaved as a lady, she was very calm when giving birth to the puppies. The newborn puppies started to suck immediately, and they are going and eating since then, they are all moveable.”- this is how our professional leader, Piroska Komondi characterized the puppies of Winnipeg and Cosby. Piroska is always there when our mother dogs give birth to their puppies.

Lots of people are waiting for a guide dog

The puppies born in our breeding program are tested by us at their 6 weeks of age. There is an other test for them at their 1 year of age, where we can check, what to pay attention during their guide dog training for.

This testing procedure is necessary because the training of a guide dog takes several months, and it has to be planned purposefully due to its costs : currently 64 visually impaired people are waiting for a guide dog at our Foundation, and the training is expensive: the training of a guide dog costs 1,5 million forints, while the total cost for the whole life of a guide dog is more than 5 million forints.

We will give them names soon

According to our traditions, the members of the new generation will get names with the same initials. This time we will ask for new names from our followers at our social network sites a bit differently, with two initials „S” and „Sz” .We will inform our followers when they can send us the name ideas.