We Practiced Calling-up the Puppies

Little ones and big ones repeated their tasks together during our puppy-meeting in February. Calling-up in more difficult circumstances was practiced with our dogs.

We met at a meadow behind the Memento-park, near the district called Kamaraerdő. Meanwhile the puppies had a great walk and playing with each other, they had to leave their playmates when their puppy raisers called them up, which is not an easy task. The puppy raisers rewarded their puppies for successful approach with bonus bites, praises and released them again for playing, even those puppies were rewarded who needed some help by the long leash to respond and go to the caller. Judit Erdélyi, our coordinator of the puppy raisers helped that all our learners practice and develop in a good atmosphere.

We had a discussion on the puppy exchange

After the great walk, we held a meeting about the puppy exchange programme of the “Litter with A initials” at the Foundation’s base in Budapest. We had discussed who and how felt itself before, during and after the puppy exchange. We talked through as well, how they felt about the time they have spent so far with the puppies they raised and what help they may need for raising the puppy in the following, almost half year

– said Judit Erdélyi our Foundation’s coordinator of puppy raisers.

Meanwhile, the puppies practiced the so-called “civilized boredom”, they waited patiently by relaxing beside or under the chair of their raisers during the conversations lasted for 4 hours.

Please support the training of the guide dogs for blind by offering 1% of your tax.

Our tax number for 1% is 18449149-1-05

There is a great need for more guide dogs for blind in Hungary. Many visually impaired people have been waiting for a such loyal mate. In average, there are 40-50 people on our waiting list. At this stage 12 of our dogs are in training and if our plan will be successful, there will be 30 puppies born this year, who may become guide dogs in the following year.