We Met Future Puppy Raisers

We closed the week with an extraordinary meeting: future puppy raisers visited the center of our foundation to get to know each other in person and talk about the puppy raising program.

5 puppies (3 chocolate and 2 black) are just suckling milk.

We were talking about the criteria for guide dogs, the habits the volunteer puppy raisers need to develop in the puppies and how the program progresses from the beginning until the puppies are handed over. We told to the volunteers that those who undertake this noble task can certainly rely on us in everything during the raising of the puppies. Many of our puppy raisers attended the meeting and shared their experiences with those interested in the program. The five-month old Index was here with his loving family and little Cora, who will soon move to her future puppy raiser. In addition to the little ones, our two demonstrator dogs, Diamond and Bonita were active participants in the meeting, because with their help everyone could try out what it feels like walking blindfolded led by a guide dog. Thanks for everyone who came. We would like to welcome every future puppy raisers to our team!

In the picture people are sitting in a room in a semi-circle, while Piros is writing on the whiteboard.

We would like to thank all the volunteer puppy raisers for the time and energy they spend to provide a loving and active puppyhood for the future guide dogs. Their altruistic and devoted help is essential to give more visually impaired people such wonderful four-legged helpers.