We introduce our new couple Barna and Lokum

Mr. Barnabas Kiss and his guide dog, Lokum are taking their first steps these months towards a safer and more independent life. They are facing a lot of learning and practicing for which our Foundation will provide them with all means of support.

On the picture a visually impaired man is standing (he is Barna) in the woods. There is a white cane in his right hand. He is having his guide dog (Lokum) in his left hand, who is a yellow Labrador. The guide dog puts his front legs on a log.
Barna and Lokum

We wish them a lot of force and endurance for the long way to go. We hope to announce their successfully passed transportation security exam in the near future.
Did you know that only 1 % of the blind society in Hungary can take advantage of independence and autonomy assured by a guide dog?
Guide dog trainings are usually funded by private donations worldwide without any state support, therefore the success of guide dog schools depends highly on the community of volunteer supporters:

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