We Held the Naming Ceremony for Szellő’s (Breeze’s) Puppies

Our youngest team mates are called – Cserkész (Scout), Ciprus (Cyprus), Csengő (Bell), Csatár (Striker), Cetli (Slip-of paper), Csúzli (Crotch), Cifra (Gaudy), Csipke (Lace), Citrom (Lemon), and Cseresznye (Cherry)

This time as well, Bóbita had pulled the names from among those were sent by our followers of our website.

Puppy test

We carried out the six-week puppy tests before the naming ceremony. We were curious about the personality and the abilities of the little ones. The test supported us in our important decision that which puppy raiser families our future guide dogs should go to.