We held a naming ceremony for the guide dogs puppies.

Following our traditions, we held a naming ceremony. The 6-week-old puppies got these names: Zseton, Zsálya, Zenit, Zengő, Zorka.

Calgary gave birth to five puppies this Easter, two yellow female, two black and one yellow male. They became the 11th litter born in our breeding program. Our followers on social media sent in lots of name ideas. From these, Bobita the dog randomly selected the names for the youngest generation. The puppies from the litter with initials Z-ZS will be called: Zseton, Zsálya, Zenit, Zengő, Zorka.

Introducing the puppies

Zseton was the name given to the first-born black male. He’s sweet, cuddly, and loves it when his tummy is tickled. This often happens, as his fur is so silky.
A second yellow female was born, who has a sensitive soul, is friendly, and loves people. She shall be called Zsálya.
This lad has a nice, wrinkly face. The third black male, who’s the biggest of them all, was born with a strong frame and shorter fur than his siblings. He was named Zenit.
The fourth pup is the only yellow male in the litter. He’s big-boned and has a strong personality, always knowing what he wants. He was named Zengő.
The fifth pup is a yellow female. She’s very bold, people-friendly, and loves giving kisses. She has a soft and silky fur and shall be called Zorka.

That’s why there are so many of us

Currently, 19 puppies are being raised in our school. The current six-week, three- month and six-month puppies were all born in our breeding program. Our 4-year- old breeding program provides a solid foundation for our training work. More guide dogs are needed in Hungary, and many are waiting for a faithful companion at our foundation. The waiting list usually has 40-50 people. Currently, 12 of our
dogs are in training, and if everything goes according to plan, 30 puppies will be born in our breeding program this year, from which 20 guide dogs will become in 2023.