We have sensitised our puppy raisers

The only way our volunteers can raise wholeheartedly a pup is by experiencing what it’s like to be blind and solve situations on their own. Guide dogs give owners an emotional and physical sense of security, and it’s important that puppy raisers know what that feels like.

On Sunday, before the indoor programme, we gave the large dog team a good run before sensitising our puppy raisers at the Yettel headquarters.

These were the stations:

Talking computer, testing a mobile phone with a talking program, at the end of a a little Braille knowledge.

White cane driving and learning about different eye conditions (with simulation goggles)

The use of a visual guidance technique, which will be of great practical help when assisting a visually impaired person.

A tour of the kitchen: recognition of smells, liquid level indicator, talking scales, objects in the kitchen, different types of tins.

Transportation with a guide dog, with a focus on how and what the puppy raiser teaches the puppy is later used in the relationship between the owner and the dog.ű

We had a trial of a promising new method, EQ (communication, empathy) development.

We thank the company for giving us the opportunity to work in excellent conditions at Yettel’s headquarters.