We got on a bus with our guide dog students

To hold our puppy meeting in July, we gathered at a bus terminal in Buda, where we practiced getting on and off the bus. It seems that our puppies will wonderfully cope with these situations when they will be guide dogs.

The puppy meeting has started with running and playing as usual. Due to the hot weather, we practiced in the bus only an hour in order to avoid overloading our guide dog students.

The task was not new for our pairs as they practice getting on different vehicles on weekly basis. The puppies and their raisers worked enthusiastically as usual.

Our dogs can cope even with the hot weather

Our puppy raisers prepare the dogs for coping with different weather conditions including hot weather and rain in summer. We do this carefully, we looked for a shady place in the bus stop and we provided enough fresh water for the dogs. In this way we can avoid future problems and the puppies will cope with these situations well when they will be guide dogs.