We got a nice combi that our dogs tried out immediately

We are obliged for Fair-Trade Dental Ltd., a dental company, for its support of HUF 700,000 in the training of guide dogs.

Kiwi and Diamond immediately got into the luggage rack of the excellent car. Our executive manager Piroska Komondi handed over a certificate to the executives of Fair-Trade Dental Kft
Kiwi and Diamond immediately got into the luggage rack of the excellent car. Our executive manager Piroska Komondi handed over a certificate to the executives of Fair-Trade Dental Kft

During the training we go to practice sites daily with our dogs, we meet regularly with puppies, invite our dogs to events throughout the country and us. We are extremely delighted to have this nice combi as a donation on Sunday.

Thanks to Fair-Trade Dental Kft for the donation and on this occasion, we asked them to write a few lines about themselves: “In 2013, we created the Keverőcsőr.Hu Dental Webshop to offer controlled quality dental products at affordable prices. Our multilingual mobile-friendly webshop has served more than 6,000 satisfied customers in 71 countries worldwide over the past few years. In addition to the company’s main profit-oriented activities, it has always been significant for us to be socially responsible and charitable. That way we can not only receive but also give.

For years we have been involved in the Baptist Charity Service Christmas Shoe Box promotion. We have donated to the Bethesda Children’s Hospital and the SOTE Clinic, among others, and our most generous donation to the Baráthegyi Blind Guidance and Helping Dog School Foundation. ”