We did not sit idle in June either

We did not sit idle in June either: like always, we worked, we spoke and we wrote, we did everything to help guide dogs. Spoke and wrote for guide dogs. While training with the dogs regularly, we also participated in events and even appeared in a book, in the press and on social media.

Our youngest puppies eventually got their names!

We held a for Calgary’s pups. We found nine names starting with the letter B that really fit the young ones. Our followers suggested several names and our beloved Bóbita (Blowball) drew these ones from the hat:

Borsó (Peas), Bársony (Velvet), Bíbor (Purple), Babér (Laurel), Bonbon (Candy), Bingo, Bonus, Bukfenc (Tumble) and Bix

And their lives took a brand new turn just a few days later, as they all moved in with their foster families.

Watch our video of the ceremony on our social media page here.

We also sensitised the drivers of Miskolc.

In June, our team was hosted by the Public Transport Association of Miskolc. With the help of our dogs, we demonstrated how many ways a guide dog may assist its owner while traveling by public transport.

The aim of this interactive session was to explain to drivers how they can help the visually impaired and their guide dogs and raise their awareness.

In June we also participated in the Night of Museums festival organised by MVK. Our guests could try out what it is like to be assisted by a guide dog while travelling, learn about Braille writing and participate our “Name the Scent” game.

“I only see with my heart”

This is the title of the book by Ms. Írisz Kobli Sáfrányné.

When I was but a little girl, my parents were faced by a terrible decision: whether to let me die or fight for my life knowing I would go blind. There were times when I resented their decision, but now I know they chose what was best for me

– Iris says. Her book was not only written to sensitise, but also to give hope and to educate. You will find guide dog references everywhere on the pages, as Iris received her faithful companion Dolly from our Foundation. Read the article about the book here.

We are looking for training dog fosterers!

In June, we launched a social media and press campaign to find volunteer fosterers for Szellő’s ten puppies. We wish to thank all the applicants for taking part in this beautiful task. We are delighted that all ten puppies have been placed with great families!