We celebrate Tex’s 10th Birthday

Many things happened to him: There was time when he guided not only one but two fellows. We wish happy birthday to Tex, Ervin’s guide dog.

”I am grateful for his many help. We get around with great enthusiasm not only in Budapest but all over the country. He is still in great shape and loves playing. Though I experience changes as well as he is not a young Labrador guy anymore. He became a little more cool headed, he no longer rolls in the mud, and this „boyish” type of dog nowadays tends to nestle to his owner more, he’s always looking for the possibility for more cuddle which I am happy to give him”

– said Ervin the owner of the beautiful black Labrador male.

He was talented

Our trainer has nice memories about the young Tex:

”This dog was talented, he very quickly understood the tasks and he was a fast and enthusiastic learner. He was the one, whom, after one week of training, I was working with by covered eyes in a professional day, as this dog was very good in terms of basics, he listened and cooperated with me very well. It is still a very good feeling to remember this.”

– said Mária Nyíriné Kovács.

Three in a little caravan

We all could tell stories about Tex as he had a very eventful past. We never forget when Tex guided his owner and his old guide dog, Bogyó (Berry) as well. Those three went almost everywhere in a little caravan either on walk or on board. Bogyó the old guide- dog, by that time, was already blind unfortunately, he spent his retired life with his owner and dog friend, Tex. We respect Ervin so much for giving tender care till the end of Bogyó’s life, who suffered severe illnesses and he became a completely white-haired dog. Tex always proved his great skills and gave special attention when he realised that his dog mate needed to be guided. Ervin felt that so many knowledge, love and care was in this. And there is one more curiosity which happens only with a few guide-dog, that Tex, when he was young he experienced fatherhood as well. He had two puppies, Felhő and Fanni, both of whom became guide-dogs for blind as well.

Dear Tex, give lots of love to your owner, and have a very happy life together!