“We became three and still hold together”

The “On my way with a dog” is a series that introduces people living with guide dogs and what their goals in life are, what they consider important and what it is like to live with a guide dog. For the first time, they do this in front of the public. In the first part of the series, we met Máté Móricz who not long ago wasn’t let on Wizz Air’s flight to London. In today’s article Máté talks about his occupancy, relationship and his experience with his guide dog.

Máté is all smiles when he talks about Fülöp getting letters from his fans
Máté is all smiles when he talks about Fülöp getting letters from his fans

How’s life with Fülöp?
Sometimes, older ladies come to us because they are big fans of Fülöp… in these cases I let them pet him with some conditions. I met with my girlfriend the same time as I met with Fülöp and since then, there is the three of us together.

Do you easily accept help?
I am a really efficient person who likes to solve the situation alone and doesn’t like being helped. I don’t accept help from someone on the street.

What is your girlfriend’s relationship with Fülöp?
There are certain tasks that one has to follow even with an already trained dog, such as feeding when you have to ask different things from the dog. My girlfriend practices this with sometimes so Fülöp would listen to her as well.

How do you spend your free time?
I noticed that many visually impaired people spend time with handcrafting, but I wasn’t really interested in pottery or sculpting so I finished a soapmaking course. Then with one my best friends, we founded Szappanda.