We Are Looking Forward to Receiving Applications for Puppy Raisers

Already this summer, you can take home a two-month-old puppy.

The Baráthegyi School for Guide Dogs is wating for the applications for its puppy raising programme. Those interested, take part in a training course, during which, we provide all important information. This course will be held in Budapest, on 25 June 2023 between 10.00 AM and 3.00 PM. Our Foundation is waiting for the applications from all over Hungary.

The active, playful puppies will spend one year with our volunteer puppy raisers. After this, they will get to the guide dog training, but the connection will not be interrupted with the puppy raiser, as there are good examples for friendships between the visually impaired owners and the puppy raisers.

Be an important part of a guide dog’s life!

Please make a final decision on application, only after reading our article about puppy raising.

Then fill out the application form, which you can also find in the link above.

Thank you for your interest!