We are an ethical fundraising organization

Credibility, legality, transparency and publicity – conforming to all of these criteria the Baráthegyi Guide Dog School Foundation received full membership into the Ethical Committee of the Self-regulatory Body of Fundraising Organizations

On the picture there's a text which reads: Etikus Adománygyűjtő szervezet (Ethical fundraising organization). Beside the text there's a viewer in fornt of a green tick

Since the creation of the Foundation in 2006, legality and transparency have been our fundamental principles to follow. Application of these principles have absolute priority in our operations, because without the help of our donors we could not provide visually impaired people with guide dogs. Still, our Foundation hand over the biggest number of professionally trained guide dogs per year in the country. We can repay this trust by applying the highest possible quality in our work and by being a credible organization: we make public how we utilize the donations. The operations of our Foundation have always been open and all our documents are accessible to the public.

The Self-regulatory Body of Fundraising Organizations is an umbrella organisation for transparent NGOs. Organizations wishing to join will be subject to strict monitoring before being granted a membership.

In the first part of the the six-month monitoring process the candidate organization makes itself completely transparent to the Self-regulatory Body. After the documents relating to the establishment and the operations of the organization as well as the acceptance and utilization of donations are submitted to the Body, there is a comprehensive overview of the organization and its management which is followed by a regular, monthly monitoring procedure.

The results of last year’s monitoring have been accepted by the Self-regulatory Body of Fundraising Organizations.and on 25 February Baráthegyi Guide Dog School Foundation has been granted full membership.

The Self-regulatory Body of Fundraising Organizations has been established by fundraising organizations that make credibility, legality, transparency and publicity the cornerstones of their Code of Ethics.