Waiting for Christmas with Guide Dogs

Amidst weekend’s shopping and searching for Christmas gifts a lot of people were interested in our small team in Auchan, Budaörs. Gandhi, Lego and Gyömbér took turns to show those interested what it feels when a guide dog watches over their steps if they cannot rely on their eyesight. The three dog enchanted everyone with their kindness and knowledge.

In the picture Lego, a black Labrador, is guiding a boy, while her trainer is holding her leash.
Lego is guiding

Harley, one of the youngest members of our puppy raiser program also visited us with her volunteer owner, Judit Vannai. The small puppy had a huge success: he received lots of hugs and cuddles.

In the picture a blindfolded boy is smelling a spice.
What can it be?

Beside the guide dogs those coming up to us got acquainted with Braille and could try themselves in out scent detection game. It was a very cheerful day. Thanks for the invitation  and to everyone who joined us!