Visually impaired move into social housing in Miskolc

The North-Hungarian Rehabilitation Centre for the Visually Impaired provides subsidised housing for the visually impaired in the city of Miskolc.

Sheltered housing is available for visually impaired people who want to use community services instead of institutional care. The EU-funded building in Miskolcapolca can accommodate ten people in single and double rooms. Applications are particularly welcome from visually impaired people and people with disabilities related to visual impairment (e.g. sight and hearing impairment), but families with children and assistance dogs are also welcome, as are single people.

Zoltán Vida and his guide dog Rizling visited the building where the subsidised flats are located. Zoltán lives with his family in Miskolc, so he would like to see as many visually impaired people as possible living in such good conditions.

Péter Gottfried, the head of the institution, said that there is no time limit for housing, and that extensive support is provided, but that the residents need to be self-sufficient.

Our support service will help with transport, shopping, social care and therapy. We will provide a service that fills a gap, as the accommodation of the visually impaired in Borsod County is not solved yet, which is of course a difficult task, as there are many visually impaired people living in Miskolc and its surroundings, but we have to start somewhere.

– he said.

He stressed that recruitment of residents is underway and he expects places to fill quickly. Applicants can find information, an application form and a telephone number on this page.

“Our aim is to help people who come to us, in the tradition of the county’s Wheat Blossom Foundation. It’s important that we can offer visually impaired people a welcoming, supportive community that they would have little chance of finding elsewhere. We will also be happy to welcome clients of the Baráthegy Guide Dog School in Miskolc, who will find a home here with their guide dogs” – said Péter Gottfried.

In the building on Zilahi Street, the rent will be 40,000 forints per month for a single room and 25,000 forints per month for a double room.

A service car for residents