Valentine’s Special Fashion Show

On February 14th, the “The Same Heart Beats in Us – Valentine’s Day Online Fashion Show” was held. In order to promote the acceptance of disabled people, Zsófia Lengyel, actively working for this cause, took the catwalk both as an organizer and a model with her guide dog, Mokka.

At Ability Fashion’s Valentine’s Day event, women with disabilities stepped onto the runway in Székesfehérvár.

Lengyel Zsófia organized her first fashion show. From A to Z, her hands worked on this special and important topic for her.

Congratulations to all participants and to Zsófi, who is very close to us, since her guide dog was trained by our foundation.

Zsófia expressed the message of the fashion show in this way.

“Mokka and I were part of a fashion show where people with disabilities could also show that beauty is within everyone and that everyone has a beating heart. I see it as my mission to draw attention to the fact that even if someone lives with a disability, there is still beauty within them and everyone needs to have a companion, a partner somewhere!”

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