Uncle Misi and his Guide Dog, Bodza, Passed the Exam

Mihaly Urban and his guide dog called Bodza have passed the traffic safety exam. Bodzs is Uncle Misi’s third guide dog, so he began to learn with his new four-legged friend routinely. They managed to prepare for the big test in four months with the help of our rehabilitation teacher colleague. Although the team gets about well and confidently, exam nerves carried Uncle Misi away a little, which at times could be felt during the exam, but nevertheless they did well what they had learnt previously.

In the picture Bodza, a yellow Labrador, is guiding her owner, Uncle Misi
Mihaly Urban and és Bodza

There were complicating conditions: the team had to wait several minutes for the arrival of the buses, other dogs also boarded the bus and a small child was eating cookies in a stroller next to them. Despite all this, Bodza remained balanced and calm throughout the exam. They skillfully and confidently went up the stairs to the platforms at the load and crowded railway station. Bodza also paid attention to avoid the puddles, thus helping Uncle Misi. We congratulate the team and wish them many happy moments together!