Two More Successful Traffic Safety Exams

It crowns several months’ effort, when our guide dogs finally pass a traffic safety exam with their owners. On 21st September, we could celebrate two successful exams: Ferenc Bobcsák passed the exam with Mézes in Görömböly, and József Farkas with Opál in Szirmabesenyő on the same day.

The exam of Mézes contained as many hardships as you can imagine during a travel from the garden dsuburb to the hustle and bustle of the big city. Initially, the barking dogs behind the fence, the roads without sidewalks, the overhanging branches and the roadsides without hard shoulders hindered their job. Arriving to the city, they had to cross through terribly difficult crossroads. Finally, they encountered an ankle-breaking flight of stairs, but due to their harmonious work they managed to arrive at their destination.

In the picture, a yellow Labrador is guiding a man who is holding a white cane in his right hand.
Ferenc Babcsák and Mézes

The exam of József and Opál took place in a rural environment. The selected route went by the lottery shop, the post office and the tobacco shop of the village. They also had to tackle with many obstacles, including cars parking on the pavement, posts reaching out at head height and of course the “exam mood” caused by barking dogs. Yet the greatest difficulty was not caused by external conditions. József’s illness which often makes him feel dizzy prevented him from walking and travelling alone. However, with the help of Opál, he learnt how to be independent again, because Opál can notice the upcoming dizziness, makes his owner stop and only leads him on if the danger has passed. During the exam, it happened twice within an hour and they proved brilliantly that despite all the difficulties they can walk and travel in complete safety together.

In the picture a man is being guided by a yellow Labrador.
József Farkas and Opál

Congratulations to both teams!