Two Fantastic Exams at the End of 2016

Alexa Abraham and her smart guide dog, Gamma, passed the safety exam in Szeged, Noemi Kiraly and her charming guide dog, Gerbeaud, in Budapest.

Alexa proved in the exam that she can skillfully direct Gamma even in the crowd in Szeged. The team showed to a three-member examining board that they can confidently travel by tram and safely cross busy roads and railway crossings. Alexa and Gamma could superbly make every obstacle and met the requirements of the exam.

In the picture Alexa is lying on her stomach in the grass. Gamma, a yellow Labrador is lying next to her. Alexa is embracing Gamma.
Alexa and Gamma

Noemi and Gerbeaud demonstrated before Christmas, in the huge traffic of Budapest that they are able to walk and travel independently. The exam started in the suburban part of Zugló and ended at the bus station of the Stadiums in the crowded pre-Christmas traffic. The team completed the exam tasks in full harmony, paying attention to and trusting each other. Thanks to the loving relationship between them, they corrected the small disorientation soon caused by exam nerves. Noemi and Gergeaud very skillfully passed the traffic safety exam.

In the picture Gerbeaud, a yellow Labrador, is sitting in front of Noemi, who is squatting and holding the dog's leash.
Noémi and Gerbeaud

Congratulations to both teams!

We would like to thank Gerbeaud’s voluntary puppy raisers, Bernadett Hernold-Bozsó and her husband and Gamma’s volunteer puppy raiser, Bela Tőrös for brining the two dogs up with their devoted work and helping two visually impaired people to make their dream come true.