Tolerance Day With Guide Dogs

Be more tolerant, be more open!

This could be the motto of the Tolerance Day organized at the Herman Ottó Secondary School in Miskolc. Our Foundation, together with our guide dogs and the colleagues from the North-Hungary Visual Impairment Rehabilitation Centre took part in the event with our special, interactive sensitizing program.


At the picture two girls are sitting, one of them is reaching for a piece in the sound identification game while the other is playing with the colourful shape matching game.
The students challenged their sense of hearing and touch.

The students had the opportunity to experience how visual impairment can affect even the simplest everyday activities such as signing a document. They were amazed at how difficult it was to carry out simple actions at a post office with their eyes covered with a special eye-pad.

In sound identification and shape matching games they could try out what it is like to use only their hearing and touching in everyday situations.

In the picture is a girl, holding on to the harness of a black labrador. They have just arrived back from their round. The trainer lady is standing in front of Dió, the guide dog.
Dió and a brave student

Our specially trained guide dogs, Dió and Delta could hardly wait to show the students that with their help, they can be really road safe and travel freely, even with their eyes covered!

The students did not quite understand why only 1% of blind people have guide dogs in Hungary. Many of them were interested to find out how they can help the guide dogs. They are more than welcome to join our group of volunteers!

A special thank you goes to Esélyek Háza (EQUAL Community Centre) for hosting this wonderful event!We hope that everyone had a great time and we are happy we could do something again for our mission: Do something VERY GOOD together for the guide dogs!