Together they overcome every obstacle

This week we kept our fingers crossed for another team. Fatime Nyikes and her guide dog Leia had just completed the biggest challenge of their common life in the capital, the traffic safety exam.

In this picture Fatime Nyikes and her guide dog,Leia are at a crossroads at the edge of a sidewalk. Leia is sitting next to Fatima’s leg.
Fatime Nyikes and Leia

The team had to prove that together they can safely get to Zuglo from Budaörs . Though Fatime and Leia had professionally prepared for the big challenge, they suffered from exam nerves and soon after setting off, they got lost a bit. After taking a strong, deep breath and due to the consistency between them, they managed to calm down and find the designated route by supporting each other.

In this picture Fatime is showing the bench to Leia at the bus stop.
Here is the bench

Then they reliably performed the upcoming tasks and challenges on their way: finding unobstructed crossings and bus stops, traveling on vehicles and using stairs. Moreover, the couple had to get over an extraordinary difficulty. Bus routes had been reorganized at Móricz Zsigmond roundabout, where Fatima and Leia had to change. But after a small hesitation, together they managed to solve this situation as well. Finally, after some excitement they arrived at the designated end point.

We would like to congratulate them for passing the exam!