Together the guide dog trainers

Our trainers held their first professional day this year in Miskolc, on 20th January.

The experts, working on different points around the country, usually meet once in a month in our school in order to discuss current professional questions. Getting acquitted and its key-issues were such a question this time, which means the first period of the relationship between the dog and its trainer.

The trainers summarized the reasons that, besides wrong results of medical examinations, make a dog unsuitable for guide dog training. The conditions are quite strict. The team members, who are professionals working together for many years, shared their own experiences in this summary too.

The topic of the day was relevant because new dogs arrived again to the trainers, who also bring them home. During the next months they will practically live together. Live and learn together. The first steps and tasks taken together with the new dogs were on the streets of Miskolc.


In the picture one of the trainers is going through on the road with her yellow labrador. Behind her the other trainer is standing with her sitting yellow labrador on the sidewalk..
Our trainers with the guide dog trainees

Therefore the special work lasting for many months continues, and the expected result is that more guide dogs will be able to change the quality of people’s life with visual impairment.