They Solve Everything Together, Eszter and Uno Completed Their Exam Well.

Eszter Török-Zselesky and Uno successfully completed their traffic safety exam in district 15.

First, they went to the GP doctors’ office, where they had to go up on a long staircase. This caused some uncertainty to Eszter, therefore Uno could beautifully applied what he learnt before, such as, if there is a handrail, he has to indicate it to his owner, and he has to make sure to go up or down at low pace. After this, they went to the market where they avoided the people using moped or canes for mobility and those who pulled shopping carriage. Uno surmounted the temptation at the meat counter as well, though it was a great enticement. They moved with great harmony and solved everything together!

We think of Csaba Papp and his family with grateful hearts for raising up Uno with love.

We thank very much to Mária Nyíriné Kovács for training such mate for Eszter and prepare them for the exam.

We thank to Edit Juhászné Mályi, Mária Hajdú and Piroska Komondi for their work in the exam committee.

Congratulations to Eszter and Uno and we wish them many happy years together.

One of the siblings of Uno is Utopia, who has a special talent.

Dr Eszter Szabolcsi feelingly talks about her guide dog:

Utopia is able to sense and comes to me when my blood sugar level drops and indicates that something is wrong. It happens, that I do not realise that my blood sugar level is lowering, for example when I’m in a hurry or I am kept waiting therefore I don’t eat in time. In that case, he comes to me and stares at me, so I understand, that he thinks that I don’t do something well. Utopia would not leave me alone as long as I would start to eat

–read more about it here.

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