Therefore, the guide dogs for blind are incredible

We prepare our dogs for their mission already at the time of raising them at puppy age, as they have to be a clever helpmate for their visually impaired owners.
This time as well, we started our puppy meeting with a one hour walk, when puppies were released from their leash several times, and they played great.

The dog who always sits at the right place

We communicate with our puppy-trainees the way that after being called-up, they are seated by the left side of the puppy raiser. This is important because their future visually impaired owners will communicate with the dogs in the same way. The owner will feel the position of the guide dog exactly if the dog sits right beside him, while in case the dog would sit somewhere in the front, it would be impossible for the owner to know where the dog would be exactly.

– said Judit Erdélyi puppy raiser’s coordinator.

Amazing concentration

It is important during raising our puppies that they learn to focus their attention to the given tasks, e.g.: their attention should not be diverted by external events while walked by their puppy raisers. During one of our exercise the puppy raiser line up opposite each other, the way their puppies are beside them. Our aim was that when they meet in the middle the puppies should not look at or smell each other. This time there are puppies who succeed in this, and some of them are not yet, but it is important that still there is time and patience to learn this.

This time, we establish of one of knowledge of the guide dogs, adored by many, that they would not let them to be disturbed while guiding their owner, not even when such an interesting dog comes in their way.

Mixing-up and lough

The funniest scenes of the puppy meeting happened during the call-up competition. The raisers gave their puppies to their mates and went to the other side of the hall, and called-up their puppies. Two dogs were called at the same time and if everything went well each puppy got to their own puppy raiser not to the other, not even stopped in the middle where two of our trainers tried to divert their attention by their ball, rattles. They even threw the balls over each other above the puppies. At this place there were mixing- ups, and loughs. It is sure that we are going to play such games at other times as well. Naturally the aim was again, that the puppies should not let themselves bothered as at
the time of their guide dog life they have to give up many interesting challenges at the end of their games in the dog park or in the field, when their owner will call-up them.

Please support the training of the guide dogs for blind by offering 1% of your income tax.

Our 1% tax number: 18449149-1-05

There is more guide dogs for blind needed in Hungary. Many visually impaired people have been waiting for a such loyal mate. In average, there are 40-50 people on our waiting list. At this stage 12 of our dogs are in training and if our plan will be successful, there will be 30 puppies born this year, who may become guide dogs in the following year.



Of course, the puppy raisers rewarded all successful attempts with a treat. Judit Erdélyi also drew attention to the fact that when rewarding a dog after a successful task, it is very important to speak to the dog in the right tone. A kind, enthusiastic and praising tone of voice is beneficial for the dog to perform the task well next time.

The video on the calling-up competition can be seen here.