There are two new puppies in our group

Fiera gave birth to four puppies, but unfortunately two of them were born dead. The mother dog and her two newborns are healthy, they are all OK, the puppies are developing well. The first of the two yellow male puppies was born with 53 while the second puppy with 58 decagrams.

We were deeply shaken by the loss of the puppies, because we respect and love our dogs and do a lot for their health in everyday practice too. We were there when Fiera gave birth to the puppies, our professional leader has experience in this field based on her education and previous experiences, but there are processes which cannot be changed by a human, no matter how painful it is, we have to accept that we are not omnipotent.

We believe that our most important task is to train guide dogs from our little puppy siblings and their other companions. Thank you to everyone who supports us in this noble task!