The eternal child coped with the exam

Gábor and Kapitány passed the traffic safety exam with excellent qualification. They even slalomed a bit.


Our pair solved the difficult tasks in the exam calmly. For example, the trash cans are placed in the middle of the sidewalks at the place of residence of Gábor Orosz, so thanks to this, they could demonstrate how confidently they are slaloming in tight places. Kapitány was not bothered by the fact that many people (the members of the exam committee) followed him in the exam, because they were also trained for such situation by our trainer, Darinka Farkas.

„Kapitány is an eternal child but he can cope with different tasks. Big thanks for this to our puppy raiser, Fruzsina Dolonec, who didn’t suppress his dog personality. Kapitány is disciplined, behaves culturally therefore he will become a great companion.” – Darinka said.

The exam route was run between the home and the work place of Gábor in the 10th district. Gábor had walked with white cane until September, they have practiced together with Kapitány since then. They were ready for passing the exam in December, but the coronavirus deranged their plans.

„Gábor walked with white cane perfectly, and at the beginning of the common work he thought that he will hardly trust himself for a guide dog, but it happened differently. He trusted himself for Kapitány and they passed the exam with excellent qualification.” – Darinka said.

We congratulate Gábor and Kapitány on the successfull exam, and we wish them to be faithful companions to one another for a long time. Big thanks to Fruzsina Dolonec too for dealing with Kapitány with love. We are all proud of Kapitány.