The Successful Exam of Zsuzsa and Frutti

Another successful exam! Zsuzsa Vincze and her guide dog Frutti passed all parts of the traffic safety exam with flying colors. The huge crowds, the crowded tram or the vacationers with trolley suitcases and puppies did not bother them.

This is what Zsuzsa tells about how she prepared for the big day and what surprises were waiting for her on the exam:

“When the time of the exam approached, I got very excited, but when I broke one of my toes on July 11, I tremendously calmed down, as it had also happened on my first exam with my first guide dog Rumi and in spite of everything,we passed the exam. It was a good omen for me. Then in the morning my trousers had to be sewn because the others had not dried until then. When I got to the train station, I noticed that one of my shoes was torn, but I was happy because I thought that after so much bad luck only good can come.

We had had a coffee with Gyöngyvér and Marcsi until the other two members of the committee arrived: ethologist Antal Dóka, and a trainer of Csepel Guide Dog School Enikő Bajnóczy.

The exam started at Nyugati railway station and I managed to pull out my favorite route, just like 8 years ago with Rumi. The exam started with leading on leash. You should know about Frutti that she is so enthusiastic about everything, like walking, but this time she came right next to my legs. Shed performed the obedience tasks perfectly, but after releasing her, she didn’t want to move away from me, so Enikő called her, and when I asked her to come back to me, she immediately rushed to me. We walked to the office building on Eiffel Square, where I fixed the leash, made Frutti lay down and walked away with Gyöngyvér. Frutti was lying on the ground during the whole time and and did not get up even when we returned after 3 minutes. I was moved close to tears, I was so proud of Fru.

Then we walked back to platform 17, where the traffic safety exam started. We got to trams 4/6 through the underpass, where there are a lot of people and even more smells because we have to pass a pizzeria, but Frutti behaved herself. Only another dog stopped Frutti for a second, but right after that she indicated that we arrived at the stairs.The tram stop was very crowded, but Frutti by-passed the crowd perfectly, indicated the stop sign and led mw to the shade to wait there for the tram.

In the picture a visually impaired young woman is walking on the sidewalk with her black guide dog.
Zsuzsa Vincze and Frutti

Frutti was lying below me during the ride and upon hearing that the next stop is the Square of Harminckettesek, she stood up and flawlessly helped me getting off. We went on in Baross Street where there are a lot of zebra crossings. In Német Street, in the middle of a zebra crossing, a man from very closely unexpectedly told me that he adjust Frutti’s ear. I asked him not to, but he insisted that his dog doesn’t like it this way, so he’ll adjust it. And he did… Frutti ignored him and perfectly indicated me that we passed the crossing. Frutti’s trainer Móni Köbli always told me not to worry because even a nuclear bomb could explode beside Frutti, she will not be bothered. This made me calm and suddenly I felt with certainty that nothing can happen that we couldn’t solve together. Along the way, we supposedly passed four dogs,, of which I only felt two. Finally, we arrived at our destination, my workplace Nem Adom Fel Cafe & Bar.

Frutti skillfully guided me to her place; I put her pillow and blanket on the floor, hugged and kissed her, gave her some treats as a treat and fresh water. My voice was trembling when I told heri how how much appreciate her and how proud I am of her. I wiped a tear and joined the board members. They congratulated me and told me what a nice exam it had been. Then they filled out the exam sheet according to which we solved every part of the exam perfectly.”