The Successful Exam of Krisztián and Nina

The first guide dog of Esztergom took an exam on 12 October. Krisztian Barbalics and his guide dog, Nina, confidently began their traffic safety exam, for which they had prepared since summer with the help of our rehabilitation teacher. In the first few minutes Nina did not really understand whit that bustle was for, but then she felt the seriousness of the situation and under Krisztian’s absolute control she successfully took the unexpected obstacles.

In the picture Krisztian and Nina, a yellow Labrador, are standing on the edge of the sidewalk.
Krisztián and Nina during the exam.

The exam had many exciting tasks in store for the team: construction, a car reversing in front of them, a man beckoning to Nina and a barking terrier imagining being bigger than Nina. The team, however, ignoring the difficulties that arose, confidently reached the final destination that they pulled, the pharmacy. This great day ended with the praise of the Chairman of the Examining Board.