The Successful Exam of Gábor and Gina

Gábor and his guide dog Gina were excitedly looking forward to the 1st of April: not to play a joke on someone, but because a special day was waiting for them!They had to prove to an examining board of three in the busy streets of Budapest that they are able to walk and travel in the city safely, on their own, trusting and listening to each other. As the first task of the traffic safety exam, Gábor drew a route they had to complete: from Örs Vezér tere to the Elementary School for Visually Impaired Children. At first, Gina was a little bit scared, why all those people were following them, but after listening to the encouraging words of Gábor, she was paying attention only to him.They could perfectly cope with the route: they professionally got on and travelled on the metro and the tram and could even cross Hungária körút (Hungary beltway) perfectly. The exam ended in front of the Elementary School for Visually Impaired Children, where Gabor and Gina celebrated their joint work with hugs and kisses.

In the picture a young man is kneeling and embracing his yellow Labrador who is wearing a guide dog harness. Halmai Gábor and Gina
Halmai Gábor és Gina