The relationship between Zsolt and Nátán is very close

Dr. Zsolt Csúzda and Nátán passed their traffic safety exam. It was not easy for them because the weather raised the temperature to the heat alarm.
Nátán was very hot, but they were able to complete the 1-hour exam from Aquincum to Szentlélek Square. After a short bus ride, a long walk awaited our pair. The “big bear” of our foundation paid close attention to Zsolt, with whom they built a very close relationship within a few months.
They admire each other, there is no barrier in front of them that they cannot overcome together. Nátán is the first guide dog of Zsolt, but he instinctively started the “life with a dog” with good sense. Nátán clung to the owner like a magnet and built a very close relationship between the two of them.
Nátán was trained by Mária Nyíriné Kovács.
We thank for Judit Kardalus and Tibor Kardalus for raising Nátán, and for giving a chance to a visually impaired person to live a full life. We also thank the examination committee, Zsuzsanna Renko and Viktória Varga for their work.