The „O” litter celebrates its birthday

The puppies from the „O” litter turned 3 years old today. Our own breed litter celebrates its birthday on October 27. Oktáv, Orion, and Ózon became trained guide dogs and they live with their owners, Olivér is about to take an exam, Origó and Okker have become personal service dogs.

Five of the above team are male dogs, Okker is the only female dog.


The “zen master” Oktáv and his owner Ádám recently passed their road safety exam.


Orion became the guide dog of Roland.


Ózon and Balázs, which passed their road safety exam loosely, are also forming a pair,


The little master of fun, Olivér, has been living with Ágota, and they are preparing for the
road safety exam together.

Origó and Okker

Origó and Okker became service dogs: Origó lives with Dániel (see the lower photo), while
Okker lives with László (see the lowest photo).

Óda, Omega, Orkán and Ostya are living a life of a family dog with their puppy raisers due to health reasons.