The Newest generation of guide dogs was born

Our Zina gave birth to eight beautiful puppies on 15 November. Four black and four yellow pups arrived.
The black ones are all males, while there is one male and three females among the yellow ones.
It was a rather fast labour since all puppies were born within three hours. The last four tots arrived in half an hour.
The mom dog is well, she rests and takes care of her pups. The little ones are healthy, they grow quickly, they eat, sleep and talk a lot.
They are the ninth litter in our foundation’s breeding programme. Their names will start with the letter U,and as always, we will ask the followers on our social media platforms what names should be given to them.
The puppies stay with their mom in their Törökbálint home for the next eight weeks. After that, they will be taken care by our puppy-raiser volunteers until they become one year old. Then they move to the homes of our foundation’s trainers where they learn the guiding profession for about half a year. Finally, they will practice with their visually impaired owners for the transportation safety exam after which they become loyal companions for long years.
We are glad that we can raise a new generation of guide dogs.