The new four-legged guardian angel of a Superwoman

In September 2014 news about the tragic death of Rusty the guide dog spread like wildfire in the media. Despite the big reward offered, the barbarous poisoner has not been caught yet. With the help of Rusty, the specially trained guide dog, Maja (Tóthné dr. Kiss-Orosz Mária) could live a full, independent life. After the loss of her loyal companion, Maja’s life became much more difficult…

Pax the yellow labrador proudly sits in her bed
Pax the guide dog

Fortunately Pax, one of the trainee guide dogs at Baráthegyi Guide Dog School proved to be suitable to fill the space that Rusty’s death left behind.

Pax the yellow labrador is leading Maja on their way home
Maja and Pax on their way home

Vivacious Maja is always on the go. Apart from being a loving mother of two and a dedicated lawyer, she is also an active sportslady. Pax, now a fully-qualified guide dog, joins her on her daily commute to work from Verpelét to Eger and back, to fetch the kids from school in the afternoons and on her longer trips to Budapest where Maja plays on the Hungarian National Goalball Team.

A SuperWoman like her needs a four-legged guardian angel who can help her fulfil the many roles in her life.

Maja has recently been interviewed by where she talked about her busy life.
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Tóthné dr. Kiss-Orosz Mária (Maja) the SuperWoman (Hungarian article)

Did you know that in Hungary only 1% of visually impaired people have guide dogs? In spite of the fact that they can give much more freedom and independence to a blind person than a white cane or any other inanimate aid, the training of guide dogs in Hungary and all over the world is funded exclusively by donations. When their training is successfully finished, fully-qualified guide dogs can be applied for from Baráthegyi Guide Dog School free of charge.

How can you donate the guide dog training?
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