The most professional leaders meet at Hungaroring

It was the fourth time that we visited the Hungarian World Series by Renault. A lot of people were interested in Baráthegyi guide dogs who was again happy to demonstrate their knowledge to the visitors.

In the picture there is a yellow Labrador in harness leading a blindfolded little girl. There is another little girl holding the harness of the dog. In front of them the trainer is walking with the leash of the dog in her hand looking back at the girls.
Zorien is leading

Beside the professional guide dogs there came the guide-dogs-in-training and puppies-in-training, who were a great success among the visitors. In addition to getting to know the dogs, there were certainly various games as well that enabled everyone to experience what it is like to solve the tasks without seeing. The Red Bull racing team invited us additionally. The hard-driving sportsmen tested our guide dogs, and the dogs in turn the race cars. It was a complete success!

There is a chocolate brown Labrador in the picture lying in harness in front of a race car.