The M breed is 8 months old

It is almost impossible but the puppies of Iris are 8 months old now and they started to have a new life at their puppy educators. All of them are very beautiful, nice and interested in lots of things like playing and running.

 The puppies are happy to explore the world
The puppies are happy to explore the world

We informed before that they had their first chip and vaccination, since then they got the second one too. The playful breed started to move to other houses during the weekend. 

At this age, they are interested in all kinds of things that are colorful or make noises. They love plush toys and they easily get into a fight for these toys. 

They need so much interaction with people, so they are very active when you sit down to caress them. 

Exploring the world is a very tiring task to do, so they fall asleep in the grass without any hesitation. They like sleeping a lot. 

We thank Török Sándorné Katalin for the great job she had done with Iris and the puppies.