The funny adventures of little paws – before becoming guide dogs

Unka, Unikum, and their siblings have started to explore the big world and are taking part in more and more adventures.

We have already told you that our U-lettered puppies went to their puppy raisers in early January. Now we will show you how their days are filled with tiny adventures.

Did you know that the unstoppable spread of modern technology is just a myth? What is it compared to when little Unka and their newest friend, Beni, are pretending to be a surveillance camera?

Uno takes advantage of the fact that while they’re this small, they can fit into many places. But they are growing so fast that soon they will need to find a bigger hiding spot.

Utopia will grow up next to her mother, Zina. The little Labrador girl is very lively; for now, she’s into all kinds of mischief. She loves taking long walks with the other dogs in the family and, true to her breed, adores belly rubs.

Unikum has even had the opportunity to be brought to the office by its foster parent for a few hours. “It’s so strange that wherever I go, everyone suddenly gathers around me as soon as I arrive. I must say, I really like this, I get some kind words and pets from everyone,” wrote Unikum’s foster parent on its behalf. However, little Unikum doesn’t only feel at home in the office, but also in the fresh snow.

Together with our puppy raisers, we enthusiastically watched the puppies on the news. We promise that we will tell you a lot more about them!