The first puppies of Baráthegyi School of Guide Dogs were finally born

It’s hard to explain how we feel when we hold them in our hands. On 19 th january the six yellow puppies, five males and one female, were born.


We hope that with their help we can start our own breeding project and will be able to train them to become excellent seeing eye dogs.

Our long-term goal is to double the number of the 15 existing annually trained seeing eye dogs, based on our own breeding stock.

Please donate 1% of your tax to our organisation in order to help train seeing eye dogs so that wore visually impaired people will have the chance to lead a ware independent life.

Our tax number: 18449149-1-05

Watch live all day how Fiera’s puppies, the prospective seeing eye dogs of Baráthegyi School of Guide Dogs are growing up.