The first M puppy – Mese

Puppies of Iris were born in February 2019. The eyes of the 10 little labradors have already been opened and they started to discover the world with interest. It was high time to give names to the future guide dogs of Baráthegyi Guide Dog School, therefore the names starting with M were drawn by Bóbita, the dog from the name ideas received at their Facebook page.

Mese, the beautiful yellow labrador loves her paunch

We introduce them by birth order. The first-born is Mese. Her birth was really fabular as it was told by Katalin Sándorné Török who takes care of Iris and her puppies.

Mese is a yellow female puppy and during her birth it took some time for her to realize how to fill her paunch. Piros Komondi, the Professional Manager of the Foundation and Katalin had to place her on the mother dog so that she can nurse. 4 weeks after Mese doesn’t have such problem anymore. Mese found out how she can gorge herself, and she is always the first at the feeding.

Besides Katalin, Emese Királyné Barkóczi, the guide dog trainer and Bóbita also took place at the naming ceremony. The guide dogs are trained by the Baráthegyi Guide Dog School using donations and offered 1% of personal income taxes. The trained guide dogs are given to blind and visually impaired owners.

You can watch the video about naming ceremony of Mese.